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Mentale is a mental health platform with the aim of empowering every human being to know and get familiar with their mental health status. It helps you to get mental health assistance from home or at workplace in case of emergency or in need, and helps you to track daily mood as well as getting mental health diagnosis either online or in-person by Mental health professionals.

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It’s up to you today to start making healthy choices. Not choices that are just healthy for your body, but healthy for your mind

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Mentale for patients

Do you want to know your mental health status? or have you ever had any mental related issue? At Mentale your mental health is our concern. Get started right now because your wellbeing values first.

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Mentale for Mental Health Professionals

Mental health wellbeing is our passion. Are you a Mental health Professional? It's your time to join, just one click and save a million of lives.

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Why you should use Mentale?

Mentale aims to facilitate mental health sector. We focus on helping people with the following mental health disorders:


Did you know that Depression can cause you to dream up to 3 to 4 times more and have more intense nightmares than you normally would? Mentale is here to help you preventing this.

Alcohol and drug addiction

At Mentale it takes a couple of seconds to get back to normal conditions, just let us know!


Are you feeling worried, nervous, or unease? At Mentale, your wellbeing matters.

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Whether you have experienced traumatic events or not, and most of us have, we all experience times when we doubt ourselves, are fearful, uncertain and feel inadequate.


Have you ever tried to kill yourself intentionally, just come to us and get helped to get back your life

Mood disorder

Have you experienced conditions where a disturbance in your person's mood is the main underlying feature. just one click and get out of the conditions.

With Mentale you will be able to track mental health status with all above mental health types. You will be in touch with Mental health Professionals who will give a recommendation according to your mental health status level.